How to Purchase

Forklift Camera System Display D7V

With such a large variety application requirements possible, there is no one system that’s right for everyone. Our experience has shown, without a doubt, that getting the right system, with the right view, makes a huge difference. Give us a call. We will be happy to discuss your requirements. Or email and we will reply quickly with the information you need to get started.

One of the best options is to use your preferred forklift service provider to purchase and install a LIFTek camera system. We will work closely with you and your dealer to make sure you get the correct kit, properly installed.

Your dealer can help fill out the one page truck survey, take photos and measurements if needed (usually for special attachments), obtain pricing for the kit and provide a quote that includes installation.

Companies that perform their own in-house lift truck maintenance may purchase directly from LIFTek. We will work closely with your maintenance department to make sure you get the correct kit, with the views that you need, properly installed. We look forward to discussing your needs. Call us at 1-888-LIFTek8 (1-888-543-8358).

We understand pricing is important. LIFTek, or your dealer, can provide pricing information as follows:

Price Range: For this, we need to know your contact information, the views needed (fork view, mast view, rear view etc.) and if the trucks are electric, indoor only or outdoor rated.

Budgetary Quote: This pricing is more accurate without specifying the exact kit. Completing our one page survey is usually required.

Firm Quote: specifies the kit part number, the expected installation time and the time to shipment after receipt of the order. For a firm quote, information is needed on the truck, the attachment, and the application. Sometimes photos and measurements may be required in order to specify the kit or customize the installation manual. Note: mast view or rear view systems generally are much simpler to specify.

Orders are placed by referencing the firm quote. Shipment for a system is usually from 1 to 7 working days for standard kits after the order is placed and all required technical information has been provided by the buyer. Additional lead time is required on larger orders.

Note that most kits are built to order for a specific truck and even a truck that seems very similar may possibly require a different kit. Best check with us to make sure it will work. The same kit can be ordered for identical trucks of course.

Orders placed using a budgetary quote are subject to change. Survey information will most likely be needed to complete the order.

We recommend installation by a qualified technician. Electrical power connections on the truck must be performed by qualified personnel only. Use in-house personnel only if properly trained. This is especially important on electric trucks.

Detailed installation manuals are provided with every kit. Please insure that the installer follows the manual. Contact LIFTek tech support if you have ANY questions or concerns. There is no charge and we will be glad to help.

Do not operate the truck or camera system without properly installing the system and training operators on its proper use.

Certify your warranty and insure trouble free operation by having your installation photos reviewed by LIFTek before operating the truck. There is no charge for this review. See the next section for details.

You can extend your warranty and insure trouble free operation by having your installation photos reviewed by LIFTek before operating the truck. There is no charge for this review.

Certification for a lift truck camera system extends the warranty from 1 year to 2 years from the date of delivery to the end user. Please contact us for details
The certification must be done at the time of installation. It should be done before the truck is put back in operation. This extension does not change any terms of the warranty other than duration.

Lift truck camera systems are easy to use and very little training is required.

Every system comes with a safety warning label that must be mounted on the truck in plain view of the operator. Every operator must understand and comply with the safety sticker warnings before operating the truck with a camera or laser system.

The basic warnings are as follows:


NEVER watch the Fork View Camera Display while driving or moving the forks rapidly or PROPERTY DAMAGE or SERIOUS INJURY MAY RESULT!

Always drive and handle the load using standard practice.

Use the Fork View Camera Display ONLY for precise, final placement of the forks or load.

Questions? LIFTek Corporation 1-888-543-8358