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Crane Products

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Before you buy any anti-two-block system, you may want to learn more about this equipment. The battery used in your system is very important, see why: A2B FAQs.


L25 Wireless A2B System

Fits ANY crane. Easy 1 hour DIY installation. 

5 Year Battery Warranty. (8 year life typ)

Basic system protects one winch on main or jib.

Add 2nd switch, weight & chain for AUX winch.


L20 Wireless A2B System

Uses a fixed, boom mounted switch.

Compatible with the L25 but no longer sold for new equipment or retrofit.

Parts and service are available for this system.


Lockout Valves Hydraulic

These valves are used to lockout control functions which cause two-blocking.

An A2B system with lockout valves is required by OSHA when using a manbasket. Also required by contractors on many other job sites.

These valves are the least expensive way to comply. Perfect for older machines. Allows you to work on most job sites - get more work for your cranes.



Lockout Valves AIR

Contact LIFTek for an engineering evaluation to see if your lattice crane can be retrofitted with air lockouts or single lever controls.




Give us a call     we will be happy to help you select the equipment that is right for your crane.

Standard Products are shown on this site. Please contact LIFTek for your special applications.


A2B or ATB?

Anti-Two Block - a device which alarms when the hook block approaches the sheave. May also actuate hydraulic or air lockouts.



Used to stop control functions which cause two-blocking. Also allows controls to function in the safe direction. May be hydraulic or air type.



The batteries used in your A2B system make a big difference. Learn more here: A2B FAQs.